The history of the Strohschein Group began in 2014, with two professionals passionate about what they used to do: making it easier for companies in the importation market, purchase and equipment logistics of all sorts. Since then, throughout the years, Strohschein has grown and has achieved financial stability that has become one of the main differentials of the group. Such stability enables the company to offer greater peace of mind to customers who have an urgent need to purchase materials and need them to be delivered timely. In addition, through a solid relationship with banks and financial institutions in the USA, Strohschein customers experience the assurance that their purchase orders will be placed as timely and transparently as possible. Together, they represent  more than 20 years of experience of an American company, headquartered in Miami, and consolidated with offices in Brazil, Venezuela and Dominican Republic.


We connect your company to qualified suppliers — distributors or factories — that offer the best products, based on custom strategic support. We guarantee competitive prices and flexible installment terms, with one-on-one service and faster responses than any other competitor.

And more: We are specialized in all stages of distribution, which means we can act as an extension of your company. We make your business feasible from a financial and operational point of view with responsibility, transparency, agility and commitment.

We ensure that you have access to the right equipment for your type of demand, maintaining a fluid process and helping you achieve all your business objectives.